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From sketch to painting

Two months ago, I set up a process (for learning how to use acrylics) of going from sketch to painting.  In my LPM abstract sketch class at the Art Students League I use watercolor to create a quick sketch of the model and the fabric, chair, stool, easel, etc. set-up.  A day or a week later in my afternoon painting class, I take the sketch and add acrylic to create a painting.

A recent example:  First the sketch…

Jason Sketch

Jason Sketch

This is a quick watercolor sketch of Jason, one of my favorite models at the Art Students League.  The first thing I did was rotate the sketch counterclockwise. I then picked green and blue colors I liked and added purple.  Red became the accent.

Unfortunately, the bright green large rectangle was just too dominant, so I made two thirds of it a dark blue-green. But then the red became too strong, so I added a pale green wash to tone it down. When that wasn’t enough, I added the green line down the middle.

Here’s the final painting:

Big Green Lo 936

Or, at least, it’s finished for now…until I think of something else it needs.

And don’t worry if you can’t pick out Jason.  It is, afterall, an abstract.

Posted by ruthhurd on December 6, 2015

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