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It feels like forever, but I’ve FINALLY gotten my computer to function the way I want. 3 hours to get Adobe PhotoShop Elements installed and 4 hours with Geek Squad to get a variety of things to work … and I’m back in business.

I’m certainly not complaining about Adobe tech support or Best Buy’s Geek Squad. As a Luddite, I represent quite a challenge. And they were unfailingly polite and helpful. It’s just hard to get easy answers when you barely know what questions to ask.

Anyway, I can finally show some of my paintings from the last month:

Searching 18×29

This represents an abbreviated view of the sunsets I see from my living room window each evening (unless it’s raining).

Almost 18×29

I painted this in three separate sessions: the sky, starting with the golden-pink sun and moving up to blue/purple. Then I added the distant hills. The trees actually took about 4 hours to add (I have familial tremors and it’s hard painting almost straight lines with shaky hands). Finally I added the near hills to anchor the trees.

Water’s Edge 18×29

This took longer to paint because I didn’t have a clear idea where I was going and the painting just sorta evolved. And there were some errors that had to be corrected (paint spilled where it didn’t belong). Fixing anything with watered down acrylic on raw canvas is much easier said than done. If you know what you are doing, even watercolor is easier.

Speaking of watercolor, starting next week I will be back at the Art Students League in Frank O’Cain’s Abstract Watercolor class. It will be interesting to go back to my first love (watercolor) and see what I have (or haven’t) forgotten.