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Compensating for the gray weather

It’s just started to snow so, of course, I’m compensating for the gray weather by painting bright colorful paintings.

First: a sunset. I’m not sure it’s finished so you can still see the staples holding the canvas flat.

My Sunset 16×20 Acrylic on raw canvas

Next: some Fall foliage (strictly from my immagination, since it doesn’t exist out there anymore … at least not anywhere near me in New York City).

Fall Colors 16×22 Acrylic on raw canvas

Actually, I’m not sure either one is finished, but they are definitely making me feel happy. What would I do if I couldn’t paint?

Wildfires: horrible yet beautiful

Just when I thought the wildfires on the West Coast were over for the year, a house caught fire and started another wildfire. And I wake up in the night thinking about how I will paint it. Skies at noon looking like sunsets. My son and his family living in their two rooms that have air purifiers. Wildfires: horrible yet beautiful.

Blazing 16×20

Blazing is acrylic on raw canvas which allowed me to blend the red and yellow of the fires and show how the colors blur over the hills. Beautiful, though deadly.

On Fire 14×18

On Fire is the raging inferno blazing across a lot of the West Coast. Intense and horrible. Destroying everything in its path.