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Moving beyond sunsets

Sunsets still fascinate me, especially the subtle or not so subtle gradations of color and their (often) reflection in the water. But I’m moving beyond sunsets to try using the same medium and techniques on abstracted landscapes at other times of the day and often without water. The colors are different but moving from one color to another, where to add a hard edge (or not), what to include (or not) continue to challenge me.


Gold      Acrylic on raw canvas      2018     20×16      $1000

I started painting this with the gold on the bottom. It was going to be called “Fields of Gold.” However, once I realized it worked much better with the gold on top, I decided to just call it Gold. I wanted to escape my typical colors and go with the complementary colors of yellow and purple. So what started as an exercise ended up as a real painting. Sometimes you have to abandon your own judgements and let the painting tell you what works.


Wind Swept

Wind Swept    Acrylic on raw canvas     2018     20×16     $1000

Remembering some of the vast landscapes I saw years ago in Iceland and a little over a year ago in New Zealand, I wanted to capture the wind sweeping over the plain. The details don’t matter. The feeling of it does.


Misty Landscape

Misty Landscape      Acrylic on raw canvas      2018     22×16      $1200

I wanted to do a landscape with mostly blues: ultramarine, cerulean and a little ultramarine violet. Better than gray.


Calm after the Storm

Calm after the Storm      Acrylic on raw canvas      2018      13x9x.5      $650

Painting on raw canvas really allows me to convey the atmosphere that can happen after a storm. You don’t have to worry about foreground, middle ground, background … it’s all misty. The colors blend into each other with just a hint of what’s there behind the veil.

It’s the mystery of it all that fascinates me.