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I should be happy …

I should be happy. I just got back Thursday from one week in sunny Costa Rica: beautiful weather, beautiful beach, good food… We have Global Entry so we sailed through the incoming controls at JFK: no lines, no crowds (unlike passengers returning from Europe at US airports, for example).

On the other hand, I’m now back in NYC and almost everything is closed: restaurants, bars, the nail place where I go to get my nails done, libraries, schools. The subways and buses are still running, but I’m not going anywhere via public transit. The Art Students League is closed to the end of the month (what are the odds they will reopen on April 1?!? … I’m not holding my breath) so my husband and I drove down Saturday to pick up the canvases I’d been working on, my paints and brushes. His office is closed so we drove down earlier today so he could pick up mail and turn on the computer so he can now work from home.

We’re not comfortable going to the gym in our building anymore; pilates is shut down; working out in our apartment is not working out. Guess we’ll have to take long walks outside when the sun is out. Aargh.

The good news is the stores in our area still have a lot of stuff on the shelves (Whole Foods was out of pasta and rice; Costco was out of toilet paper and down to their last pack of paper towels), but real food still seems to be available.

On the other other hand, the other bad news is the stock market. OMG. We just have to live long enough to see it go back up (hope we make it). Since we’re not selling, it’s all just paper … right?

And so far, we don’t know anyone who has the virus, so it all seems a little surreal. I keep thinking I’m going to wake up …