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Thank God for my son!

I really don’t like to burden my son with all my computer problems. He’s very tech savvy, works for one of the big tech companies in Silicon Valley … but he has a job, a wife, a new son … in short, he has a life. So I usally get my tech support from the Geek Squad. They’ve been pretty good in the past, but this last time drove me crazy. Three days and no answers. I couldn’t use the computer and I was so frustrated I couldn’t paint. Well, one quick email with my son and I’m back in business. Thank God for my son!

And now I’m trying to make up for lost time. I’ve gessoed over a painting I hated and couldn’t finish. And I’ve also added some light molding paste to give it some texture before I start to paint. It’s a new technique I’ve been wanting to try and I had to cover over some of the texture from the previous painting. So, double whammy!

And now I’m starting to paint again. And here’s the first layer…

Feel the Wind Blow

It needs work, but that’s okay. I’ve got nothing but time.

Lord, it’s frustrating…

And I’m not even talking about the pandemic. I installed a new operating system (Catalina) on my MAC (at Apple’s suggestion, I might add) three days ago and nothing’s been the same since. A bunch of software programs I use all the time (Word, Excel, etc.) now don’t work and my calendar won’t sync and won’t let me add anything. Lord, it’s frustrating!

I’m not exactly tech savvy ( you might call me a Luddite) and I thought Apple products were supposed to be easy.

The real problem is the Best Buy Geek Squad support I signed up for ages ago. Three days later and I’m still waiting for the advanced person to contact me.

I think I’ll ask my son…