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Alcohol Inks Are Liberating

With alcohol inks, I simply decide what colors I want (Maroon and Yellow) and then it all gets out of hand. I put them down, add some alcohol, blow on it with a straw, and the results are so unpredictable … it’s liberating. I add color, and blow some more, I add alcohol and blow some more. Slowly (VERY slowly) I learn how to get the effect I want. If I needed to be immediately successful, it would be excruciating. But I don’t. I’m free to experiment … and I love it.

Finely Tuned

With Finely Tuned, I wanted to see what I could do with combining a variety of circles, some open, some closed. When it was finished, it reminded me of the inner workings of a clock.

Cool Blue

Cool Blue was clearly an experiment with color: blue and yellow with green as the combination. I experimented with softening the outside edges while maintaining the inner intensity. Lots of blowing through a straw, but I’m clearly starting to get the hang of it.


The combination of red and blue (and only the tiny little bit of the combined purple) make this a fascinating experiment. I had NO idea this would be the end result.

Summer is my time to experiment. I don’t think I will want to stop these experiments when I go back to my classes at the League in September. Of course, those are experiments too…