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My favorite model is back…

Well, it’s a different day and a different color scheme, but the process is the same. Quick watercolor sketch the day before in the LPM (late PM) class and then create an acrylic painting using the sketch in the next day’s afternoon painting class.  And my favorite model is back… (Jason is one of the best models at the Art Students League).

Jason's Poncho

Jason’s Poncho      7×10      $500

I did the sketch using green watercolor (you can still see some of the lines) and then created the painting the next day using acrylic. After I’d already painted the outside shapes blue and red, I decided it would be better if the outside were white and the main color shape were in the center. Putting white on top of a color but letting some of the original color show through is something I’ve often wanted to do. But it’s the kind of thing I couldn’t do with watercolor.  Acrylic is so liberating!

And no, Jason didn’t really have a poncho or a red hat … that’s just the way the painting turned out.

I’m starting to get used to this acrylic thing.



Posted by ruthhurd on October 24, 2015

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