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A Productive Artist

What does it mean to be a “productive artist?”  Does it mean you paint every day?  Every other day? Do you create a “painting” every day? Every week?

I learned a long time ago in business that “what gets measured gets done.” Well, that’s true in art as well as in business.  So when I retired from publishing, I set the following goal: I would produce at least one painting a week, or 52 paintings a year. Notice I didn’t say “each week” which meant I allowed myself some downtime, provided I had other weeks when I would produce more than one painting. It’s been working rather well so far.

Today has been a sorta in-between day: I’ve spent most of the day fixing paintings I thought were finished.  Extending a line here, softening some color there, adding white here, erasing color there, merging shapes, separating others … all in a day’s work.

Here’s one of the five paintings I “fixed.”  Only 2 relatively small changes, but they make a big difference.

Summer Jumble (fixed)

Summer Jumble       15 x 12       $800

I may not have created a new painting, but with 5 now-improved-paintings I WAS productive.


Posted by ruthhurd on September 4, 2015

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