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Winter Rocks

I love the winter and especially the snow and the way it changes how everything looks. Winter rocks.

2011 in New York City must have been a really snowy winter, because I painted a lot of semi-representational paintings of snow on the craggy rocks along the West Side Highway around 145th Street. I loved that you couldn’t really tell the scale. It could have been a painting of the Alps or Rockies.  In fact, I almost called this one, Manhattan Alps V.

City Snow V

City Snow V, 14 x 10, $700

This year, we didn’t have as much snow as last year (we are not Boston) but it was much colder. So it was a real Winter, with a capital W.  Well, winter still rocks.  I love the way the snow on the top of the rocks makes patterns. Winter rocks. And this is Winter Rocks.

Winter Rocks

Winter Rocks, 15 x 11.5, $750

Born in Canada. Still a Canadian in the winter under all the layers of down. Winter rocks.

Posted by ruthhurd on March 12, 2015

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