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Square is liberating

Who knew? All my artistic life I’ve painted on rectangles (paper, canvas, whatever) where one side was longer than the other. Not square, in other words. Well, for some reason I decided to try painting on a square canvas. Well, guess what? Square is liberating.

Rectangular canvases speak to me of landscapes, skyscapes, waterscapes … semi-abstract, but not completely. Somehow, a square canvas speaks to me of nothing, or rather nothing I recognize. It frees me to just put down some paint and see what happens. And then I do it again. The end result is almost completely unplanned. Liberating.


This is my first experiment with a square canvas … and a new color (red). I can’t exactly tell you how this painting happened. It just did. To counterbalance this, I started another square painting, this time with the red in the center and the white on the outside. We’ll see how that develops.

In the meantime I played today with alcohol inks on square canvas with an artist friend of mine. Two hours later…

Hmmm 8×8

Alcohol inks are hard to photograph, they’re so shiny. I’m not even sure if this is finished. I almost don’t know how to think about it. But it’s fun.

Bottom line: I’m liking these squares. Square is liberating.

Posted by ruthhurd on July 22, 2019
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  1. 08/5/2019


    • 10/15/2019

      Thanks, Martha. I’m taking it one canvas at a time.


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