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Still frustrating …

I love quick, easy solutions to difficult problems. Unfortunately, they never seem to happen to me.

Take my abstract painting, for example. A friend on this blog offered me some good advice about abstracting the abstraction. In other words, start with a painting I’ve already done (realistically), abstract it a little, then (only looking at the abstraction) abstract it again. And again. And again.

Well, I’ve tried it. I started with the painting “Apples of My Eye” from 2008 (you can see it on my website). At Wave Hill this past Tuesday I did 5 levels of abstraction, and ended up with something I liked which predictably  had little resemblance to the original “Apples of My Eye.”

The apples are green and the space between the boards is now a continuous line

The apples are green and the space between the boards is now a continuous line

When I showed it to Frank O’Cain (my teacher) he said I’d lost touch with the original. So I went back to the drawing board so to speak and did some more variations (4 to be precise), preserving some of the key features of the original. The final one had rhythm (to quote Frank) and (at least as importantly) I liked it.  But it was too yellow.

Thinking I could continue to improve on it, today I did 4 more.  So here’s the one I like the most.

Abstracted Apples Lo Lo

The apples are yellow as are the main shadows, and the spaces between the boards are now two light green lines (one very short).

At this stage of the game, I’m still frustrated and now I’m bored with this picture.  I’m moving on to something else.

VERY frustrating.

Posted by ruthhurd on July 6, 2010

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