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Not Flying High

Just as I was about to feel good about dodging another climate change bullet, a major storm hit our area: tornado warning, thunder and lightning, rain and wind buffeting our windows. AND, we just found out that for the second time in two months the city’s sewer system backed up, we have flooding in the basement and we have no elevator service (I am on the 16th floor). So, even though I just finished a painting (Flying High VI), we are decidedly NOT flying high. A once in 100 years massive rainfall in a very short time frame just hit us again.

There IS actually some good news: we don’t live in Louisiana (Hurricane Ida); we still have electricity; the new flooring (to replace what was damaged in the July flooding) has not yet been installed; and all my paintings had already been brought upstairs, so I won’t have any more damaged by the water. Yay!

So, just for the hell of it, here is my painting.

Flying High VI Acrylic on raw canvas 16×20

I’m glad I finished this painting today before the storm arrived. Otherwise it might have looked much different.

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Posted by ruthhurd on September 2, 2021
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  1. 09/3/2021

    sorry to hear about the flooding and no elevator!

    • 09/3/2021

      Yeah. Me too. But the elevator is back and looking at the pictures on TV, we got off easy. Hope you are well and not coping with any special weather events.


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