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Winter series continues

Actually, although this is the 13th in my Winter series, there are only 12 paintings. I painted over two of my initial mini 6×6 paintings which I decided I didn’t like enough to keep. One I painted over, got confused with the numbering ( initially calling two different paintings each Winter 9) and then called it Winter 9B (to differentiate it from Winter 9). Are you confused too? It’s enough to know: my Winter series continues.

Winter 9B

Even though there is no snow outside my window, my memories of snowy winters from my childhood in Canada continue to inspire me. And painting with a palette knife somehow makes it easier. No need to fuss over the details.

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Posted by ruthhurd on March 20, 2021
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  1. 03/21/2021

    Good morning from Canada Ruth! I love your little winter scenes. We have many feet of snow on the ground here in Cape Breton with a big dump just 2 days ago, so I can really relate to your evocative winter paintings. It’s funny that you are painting 6 x 6″ paintings as I am on a roll with painting 5 x 5″ watercolours. I’ve never related to square shapes before, but I do now and yours are really lovely! I showed them to my good buddy here, Linda Wright. She is doing cold wax and oil paintings and is working on some winter scenes too. You may hear from her!

  2. 03/21/2021

    Thanks, Jane. Earlier today I left a comment on your blog that I love your small watercolors. They are really beautiful.


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