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Still schizophrenic

Well, I haven’t blogged about this for awhile, but I’m obviously still sorta schizophrenic ( I produce one kind of art at the Art Students League — see my last post — and something very different at home).  Not sure how to explain this, but at home I work with fluid/liquid acrylics and move them around with my fingers, palette knife, etc. … but not a brush. And the paintings I produce look very different.

Case(s) in point:  two recent paintings.

Storm's Coming

Storm’s Coming      Acrylic     6×8      $300

Wanted to create a stormy sky and turbulent water underneath.  Guess I did that, but the yellow sky looks almost more dominant than the storm.  Tried to fix it, but it didn’t want to happen.  OK.  I know when to give up.


Who said dinosaurs were brown

Who said dinosaurs were brown?      Acrylic      8×10      $400

This started as an experiment with red, blue, teal and white. Who knew I would end up with dinosaurs?

Playing with fluid acrylics is a lot of fun.  It doesn’t feel like serious work, which is good.  I just do what I feel like doing and let the paint (with a little help) do its thing.




Posted by ruthhurd on February 2, 2018

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