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Moving along

Well, we’re back from Japan, I’ve organized my receipts/photos, etc., and started painting.  At the League I seem to still be fixated on the patterns in the water next to the boat on Lake Ashi. In my home studio, I’m moving along, playing with my fluid acrylics and dripping them onto canvas and moving the paint around with my fingers or a palette knife. It’s a whole new way of using acrylic and, so far, I’m loving it.

Once I did Mt. Fuji and a few of the flowers I saw in Japan (my last post), I decided to paint the wild flowers I saw near the rice paddies using a similar technique.  The goal was to show the intermixing of the flowers and the tall grasses, the push-pull of grasses behind flowers behind grasses behind … you get the picture. I wanted to create some depth, but not too much.

The first Wild Garden clearly was an experiment. I put down the yellow-green background and moved it around with my fingers to cover the canvas. Then I dripped the green stems, used the palette knife to create leaves and branches, dripped red flowers, blew on some to make them a little bigger, and finally moved some of the green stems over the flowers to create that feeling of depth, that push-pull.

Unfortunately, after all that effort, I didn’t like the way it looked.  Fortunately, the paint was still very wet so, in frustration, I just took my palette knife and smooshed everything vertically on the canvas. The end result was definitely weird, but promising.  So I added some more red flowers of varying sizes, moved some green stems/grass on top and added yellow dots for the centers on a few.  Still weird, but I liked it.  So this is the end result.

                     Wild Garden      14×11      $725

But I’m not giving up on my original idea of how to paint those beautiful wild flowers. Stay tuned.





Posted by ruthhurd on December 6, 2017

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