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Crossroads: atomic bomb tests

Bruce Connor’s film at MoMA, Crossroads, was a real eye-opener. He took archival footage from the National Archives in Washington, DC  of the atomic bomb tests in the Pacific in 1946 and combined them into a 37 minute film. Again and again, from the sea, from the air, from the near-by Bikini Atoll, from near from far… you see the awesome power of those bombs going off: the blinding flash of white light, the expanding perfect circle of light on the water, the rising column and the expanding mushroom cloud, and finally the huge, rapidly expanding radioactive cloud at the base which inexorably envelops all the American naval ships placed there to observe and record.

And you see it well before you hear it. Light travels faster than sound. It’s eerily calm and quiet, watching it all happen, before the roar hits you.

The horror comes when you realize not one of those ships is moving away from the coming devastation, not one of them is even trying to escape the radiation.  How must they have felt, all those sailors, airmen, watching it race toward them?  The footage at the end of the film shows the last ship that disappeared into the cloud slowly reappearing as the cloud starts to dissipate. So at least some of the ships survived, if not all the people on them.

I went from MoMA to the Art Students League in a daze…and just started to paint.  No thinking, not much feeling … just a driving need to paint.  I’m going to have to keep painting, because it keeps waking me up in the middle of the night.


Crossroads           24×18           $1400


Crossroads II

Crossroads II           24×18           $1400

I have a third painting not quite finished.


Posted by ruthhurd on October 11, 2016

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