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Thanks to everyone who came, bought or donated.

Well, the Gifts of Art fundraiser for Memorial Sloan Kettering cancer research was a success. A lot of people showed up, art sold, raffle tickets were bought and claimed, and a number of people who couldn’t make it to the event made contributions online.  Many, many thanks to everyone who came, bought or donated.

Among the sales were my two watercolors:


Croton     14×10

Croton grows everywhere in Florida, but notably around my mother-in-law’s house in Delray Beach, FL. Rose died in 2009 and this painting will forever make me think of her. Like the plant, she was bold, varied, colorful, and always interesting.


Elephant Ears

Elephant Ears     14×10

While in Florida recovering from cancer and waiting for my hair to grow back, my husband and I visited the orchid place (can’t remember the name) near the Morikami Museum in Delray Beach.  The large leaves of this plant caught my eye and they told me it was called Elephant Ear.  I loved the colors and the name made me smile.

I am so thrilled that my two paintings that made me happy while I was recovering from cancer will now make someone else happy.

Posted by ruthhurd on September 12, 2016

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