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Couldn’t figure out how to finish

I started this painting at the Art Students League the middle of August and couldn’t figure out how to finish it.


Dinner Is Served      24 x 18      $1400

It’s a quiet, subdued painting and I kept thinking it needed something, some pizzaz, some additional color. Since nothing was coming to me, I took it home. Elapsed time and the change of venue helped.

I was right about the something and the color, but not the pizzaz. All it needed were a few small changes. I added the rusty red colors in a few places. I added different greens to the three circles to intensify and differentiate them a little. I added more of the bright green in the upper right and made it come over one of the dark green circles (apples) and the open blue green circle (basket handle), thus making it come forward.

It’s still subtle, but now it’s done.

Update: turns out the painting was done, but the title wasn’t. Two friends had their own interpretation of this painting (on facebook) and one suggested that Dinner Is Served  would be a better title than Greens (my rather unimaginative original title). Thank you Diane and Dorreene.

Posted by ruthhurd on August 30, 2016

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