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Dorjee Points the Way

Dorjee is a very sketchable model at the Art Students League.  One of her 10 minute poses turned into this Dorjee Points the Way painting.  How I got from a relatively quick watercolor sketch to this completed painting … well, let’s just say it involved a color wheel, a big round brush, red, green, blue and yellow acrylics, lots of squinting and standing back, not a few groans and a significant amount of perseverance.

Dorjee Points the Way

Dorjee Points the Way 12 x15 $800

Using the color wheel, I picked the red first and then the green and blue split complementaries.  Yellow was the accent added at the end. Warm colors come forward, so I made the large shape on the right red.  I made the green go behind it by adding shadows.  Etc. Etc.

The end result is the painting almost rotates, with the right side coming forward and the left going behind or underneath what it abuts.  Even though this is obviously a 2-D surface, there is a fair amount of push-pull going on.  This was fun.  It’s so motivating when things work out.

Date: 2016.  Size: 12 x 15.  Price: $800.

Posted by ruthhurd on January 27, 2016

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