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New Acrylic Paintings in Class Show

Frank O’Cain’s Abstract Sketch Class is having its class show at the Art Students League, January 11-17, 2016.  I will have 4 new acrylic paintings in the class show.  Come to see the show in the 2nd floor Gallery, M-F 9am-8:30pm; Sat 9-3.

The Watcher  is more like some of my recent watercolor paintings, but in acrylic.  The other 3 (not shown here) are acrylic on Yupo and very different.

The Watcher

The Watcher       11×15       $750

This started as a watercolor sketch (in blue) from my afternoon Abstract Sketch class. There was a model, although that’s hard to tell from this painting. I can see the hand, the model’s vest, the stool he was sitting on … but that’s only because I was there.

Later in the week, as an experiment, I decided to work in blue, green and blue-green acrylic, plus white.

Sometimes, you just don’t know what will work until you try it. It’s not a color combination I’ve ever tried before.




Posted by ruthhurd on January 6, 2016

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