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Capture the drama of flamenco

Since my trip to Spain in 2014, I’ve made any number of attempts to capture the drama of flamenco. Watercolor, charcoal, you name it, they all fell short … very short.

It wasn’t until I started to experiment with acrylic, specifically acrylic on Yupo, that things started to click. The acrylic gave me the dramatic, bright colors. The Yupo “paper” allowed me to slide the paint around, capturing the gesture and motion of flamenco.  And my special lift out tool (cut up credit card) let the light shine through.


Flamenco       9 x 12       $600



Posted by ruthhurd on January 5, 2016
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  1. 01/6/2016
    Swatt Art

    That’s lovely

    • 01/6/2016

      Thank you. I also remember my trip to Vietnam in 2008. It inspired me also to do a lot of painting.

    • 01/8/2016

      Thank you.


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