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Acrylic is affecting my watercolor

Trying my hand at acrylic is slowly teaching me that paintings can be changed: if you don’t like something, paint over it.  What’s interesting is that painting with acrylic is affecting my watercolor paintings as well.  I now look at my watercolor paintings with new eyes: maybe there is something that really could be changed.

A perfect example:  Earlier this year (June) I painted David X 4.  Our model, David, was very creative in his poses and props, and I combined 4 different sketches of him into one painting.  And I thought it was finished. And I guess it was … then.

David X 4

David X 4 v1

This was the original David X 4, which I am now calling version 1.  It’s fine as is, but the new version is better.  In retrospect, I decided the left side of the painting was a little blah. It needed something more, but at the time I didn’t know what.

Somehow, the freedom to paint over things (with acrylic) is affecting how I look at my watercolor paintings … even though this time I didn’t even need to use acrylic.  I simply made the changes with watercolor.

David X 4

David X 4     12 x 15     $800

The changes are subtle. They make the left side of the painting more interesting and emphasize depth.

Who’d have thought that playing with acrylic would affect my watercolors in this way? The painting is rotating: the right side comes forward, the left side recedes. I’m much happier with David X 4 now.

Posted by ruthhurd on October 28, 2015

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