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Even though I’m not that into painting flowers

Even though I’m not that into painting flowers, somehow I managed to create three paintings all about flowers at the end of the summer.

It started when I saw a  picture of a Nicholas de Stael painting of flowers in a vase. I was looking at a bunch of vases and a lot of flowers in the still life set-up at the Art Students League and, well, why not try to make my painting look a little like de Stael’s?  After a few fixes, here it is.

Flowers a la deStael

Flowers a la de Stael   11×15   $750

Emboldened by my first attempt, I decided to try again two days later…

Flowers a la deStael II

Flowers a la de Stael II      18 x 24      $1,400

Not to be outdone, I gave it another try two days after that with a different vase and flowers.  Somehow they seem to be getting less and less abstract.

Flowers III

Flowers III      18 x 24      $1,400

I don’t know which I like more.

Posted by ruthhurd on September 2, 2015

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