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There was no water and no mirror in the still life set-up at the Art Students League but this painting ultimately got its name because part of it looks like Reflections.


Reflections           18 x 24            $1,400

The painting was initially a big disappointment: the gray wedge at the bottom right was so big and dominant, it dwarfed everything else.  I tried washing it out (didn’t work). I tried darkening the top edge to make it look like it was going under the lighter area above it (didn’t work). Washing it out again just made it look bigger.

The solution was when I pulled the colors from the top and the side on top of the wedge. Finally something worked. That’s when it first started looking like a reflection.  Whew.

What a struggle.  If anyone thinks their 4-year old could do this, they have no clue.

Posted by ruthhurd on August 31, 2015

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