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Cheating a Little

Somehow the set-up one particular day at the League wasn’t making any sense to me. There was nothing I wanted to paint. Cheating a little seemed the only alternative: I wandered around taking photos of the set-up with my iPhone. When I looked at the photos, one of them actually appealed to me. Ta da! Problem solved.

The reason I call that cheating a little is because the photo reduces something that is 3-D to a 2-D image, a task that is normally part of the artist’s job.  And it helps the artist choose what to paint.


Tuning Fork

Tuning Fork     18 x 24     $1,400

I still had to make decisions about what to leave out, or include (perhaps from a different photo), what colors to use, etc.  Even though this painting didn’t end up looking a lot like the photo, the photo did help me focus.

Of course, there was no tuning fork, just an easel and a lamp post and some shadows that sorta looked like one.

Posted by ruthhurd on August 20, 2015

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