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Lobster – how to fix a painting

I really didn’t like this painting at all. Of course, it looked quite different … not like a Lobster at all.  But how could I fix it?

Have I mentioned how hard it is to fix a painting when you’re not sure what is wrong with it (you just know something is)?  I dabbled here and there.  Turned it on its side, then upside down. Let the drips run every which way. In frustration, I grabbed my sky brush and started putting down big swaths of pink. Then it was too much on top, so I washed out a section.  Then more drips.  Aargh. Nothing was working.

I decided to wait and show it to Frank (Frank O’Cain, instructor at the Art Students League) the next day.

He took my rectangular dark purple kitchen sponge (that I use to dry out my brushes when switching from one color to another) and placed on the top left corner of my painting.  And voila, it looked at lot better. That big white area in the upper left corner had to go. I started with crossed lines in a subdued orange, but it wasn’t enough.  So I took some of the Prussian blue-cerulean mix I still had on my palette and lightly painted over that whole area.

Better.  But I still didn’t like the roundish pink-red area with blue in the center, so I painted over it with white acrylic (I didn’t have any gouache) and then overlaid it here and there with the pink.

Wow, now I like it.


Lobster     11 x 15     $750

Of course, you’d never guess it all started with a colorful scarf hanging from a basket handle.



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Posted by ruthhurd on July 13, 2015

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