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Too much stimulation

In my Summer Abstract Watercolor class at the Art Students League I was bored. Hard to imagine, I know, given all the stimulation of the complicated still life set-up. Maybe it was too much stimulation … I was having trouble deciding where to focus. So I decided to focus on nothing, that is, on the negative space between objects in the still life. Much better.

Now, what to do about color? For the first time in a long time, I turned to my color wheel. Since blue is my favorite color, I made that the primary. Having decided to work with three colors, I needed two more. So the split complementaries of yellow-orange and red-orange were my easy choices. And, of course, white became the fourth color.

Split Complementary

Split Complementary     11×15     $750

I liked it, so I decided to try another.

Split Complementary II

Split Complementary II     12×15     $800

Well, I like that too.  Not sure which I like better.

This may become part of a series.  We’ll see.  It’s certainly a simple way to avoid the “too much stimulation” syndrome that sometimes attacks me during my summer class and its complicated still life set-up.






Posted by ruthhurd on July 4, 2015

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