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A creative model

David was a very creative model at the Art Students League. In addition to the unexpected poses, he draped fabric around his head, created a shawl, a skirt. Every pose was something unexpected.

So I decided to take advantage of his creativity to do something different myself. For three 5-minute poses and the subsequent 10-minute pose I simply sketched in light brown (raw sienna) watercolor the basics of the 4 poses on one piece of watercolor paper. One on top of the other. Occasionally turning the paper around.  With no attempt to make something coherent. Hence the title: David x 4.

Then I used the last two 20-minute poses to pick out shapes and develop the painting further. What fun!

David x 4

David x 4, 12 x 15,  $800

Even I now have trouble picking out the four different poses, although here and there I see his knee, his head and back, the stool on which he was sitting, the pattern in one of the fabrics.  What do you see?

Mostly I remember how creative he was and how creative he helped me be.


Posted by ruthhurd on June 4, 2015

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