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It’s the model, stupid.

Some days are better than others. Well, duh.  Some days in my sketch class it is all I can do to put brush to paper. Other days, well, feel wonderful and everything seems almost effortless. To paraphrase Bill Clinton, “It’s the model, stupid.”

Last week, we had a model who was very good, but uninspiring (at least to me). (Other people seemed to be doing fine.) And my sketches were ok, some better than others, but none of them inspiring, wonderful or even, (to my eyes) very good.

Fast forward to this week with Connie, a young (everyone’s younger than I) black woman with attitude, great poses, and a wardrobe of abstraction inspiring stuff. It’s like night and day.  Suddenly, my sketches are looking better and better.

Some examples?

From Day One, Connie and her abstraction inspiring shawl/skirt:

Connie 02

Connie 02

Connie 03

Connie 03













From Day Two, Connie and her dress/skirt and attitude:

Connie 05

Connie 05

Connie 04

Connie 04










Did I mention attitude?  It’s wonderful to have a model with attitude.


Posted by ruthhurd on May 8, 2015

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