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Dancing Pirate

Abstracting from the figure at the Art Students League is always fun. You never know what you will end up with. No, the model didn’t really look like a Dancing Pirate. But he did have a red T-shirt and the brighter red and yellow in the top right corner (and the yellow and red small geometric shapes) did come from one of the fabric drapes in the background. The black curved sword was also one of the fabric drapes.

Dancing Pirate

Dancing Pirate

Working with collage makes it easier to achieve the kind of push-pull that creates depth on a 2D surface, but shallowly and with some ambiguity. The black sword is behind the red and yellow thingy in the upper right corner, but in front of the red Tee. And part of it is in front of the pirate’s face, but part is behind it. The repetition of the colors and shapes pulls your eye around the collage, preventing you from getting stuck in any one place.

What fun! Maybe I should have called it Swashbuckling Newspaper Man.

Posted by ruthhurd on March 24, 2015

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