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Giving thanks

I give thanks for the people and things that make art possible.  Sometimes it’s the wind in the trees that makes you want to paint the leaves:

Copper Beech

Copper Beech

Sometimes it’s the patterns in the karst mountains of China that remind you of dragons:

Dragon Flow

Dragon Flow, 12×9, $600

And sometimes it’s a person, who exposes you to something beautiful:

Homepage One

Sueño del Mar (Dream of the Sea), 24 x 18,  $1400

Dick Blick created a “Giving Thanks Art Contest” recently asking for art depicting something you are thankful for. I submitted Sueño del Mar, thankful for the friend who introduced me to the lovely b-n-b on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica and the birds of paradise flowers and palm trees that suddenly looked like fish among the seaweed to me.  I called it Sueño del Mar after the name of the b-n-b. Artists are always thankful for inspiration and its myriad sources.

Posted by ruthhurd on November 23, 2014

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