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A retrospective of my work

The September exhibit at The Interchurch Center is effectively a retrospective of my work, including 19 paintings of mine going back to 2000 :

Weather Beaten

Weather Beaten, 3.5 x 6, $300

through my trip to Vietnam in 2008,

On the Perfume River

On the Perfume River, 10 x 7, $500

through the beginnings of abstraction in 2009 when I started zooming in on things,


Croton, 14 x 10, $700

through winter in New York City in 2011 when rocks next to the West Side Highway started looking like the Swiss Alps,

City Snow V

City Snow V, 14 x 10, $700

and paintings from my trip to Iceland in 2012 really started looking otherworldly,

All the Sky's a Stage

All the Sky’s a Stage, 16 x 12, $850

to my current work on Yupo where rocks flow like water (based on a trip to China).

Dragon Path

Dragon Path, 14×10.5, $725

The exhibit will open Monday, September 8 and close Friday, October 3 (M-F 9am – 5pm), with a reception on Thursday, September 18, 5-7:30. Please come and join me at the exhibit at The Interchurch Center, 61 Claremont (120th Street one block west of Broadway) in Manhattan.  You can see more information about these and other paintings of mine at

Posted by ruthhurd on August 26, 2014
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  1. 09/1/2014
    Linda Cool

    It is fascinating and inspiring to me to see how your work has evolved.

    • 09/1/2014

      Thanks, Linda. Frank’s class has had a huge influence.


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