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Skógafoss, final version, really

And here I thought I was done painting that impossibly high Icelandic waterfall, Skógafoss.  After all, I had done about 7 versions, and even posted about them in my previous blog, almost bragging about how much I liked the final (yes, final) version, Skógafoss V (hereinafter known as Skógafoss V v2).

Skógafoss V v2

Skógafoss V v2

Well, I was showing the actual painting to an artist friend when it suddenly hit both of us: our eye kept being drawn to the bottom center of the waterfall.  It wasn’t supercritical, but once I’d noticed it, I couldn’t un-notice it.

So I softened the two vertical strips of blue and added a little more white, and voilà, Skógafoss V (the really final version).

Skógafoss V

Skógafoss V

Hopefully, I can leave it alone now.

Posted by ruthhurd on April 25, 2014

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