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Christmas Upstate

The best thing about spending Christmas with my brother, Bill, and his wife, Gloria, upstate around Cooperstown (yes, the Baseball Hall of Fame; and no, none of us is a fan) is that there is nothing to do. The town basically shuts down in the winter.  And none of us celebrate Christmas.  So after the driving tour around the area when I could take pictures for future paintings, all there was to do was eat, and drink, and talk.  Absolutely wonderful!

Oh, I did manage to squeeze in a few quick sketches while everyone else was sort of watching Elysium on the tv. So this is what the Cooperstown area looks like on Christmas day.  This first sketch is my favorite, probably because I think I know how I’m going to change it when I do a bigger version.

Winter scene in the Cooperstown, NY area

December in Cooperstown

This next one is Bill’s favorite…

December in Cooperstown II

December in Cooperstown II

By now you’re getting the picture. Trees, and snow, and shadows. No people. Almost no cars. Nothing to mess up the snow, except the occasional rabbit or deer tracks.

And it’s cold!  VERY cold! So, once you’ve taken your pictures, you make a beeline for a warm interior room, preferably with an open fire and a hot toddy (or equivalent) and good people to talk to. Welcome to my Christmas with my husband, my brother and his wife and their two dogs  just outside of Cooperstown.

We had a great time.

Posted by ruthhurd on December 27, 2013

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