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Exhibition coming — It would help to be organized

When I was working in Publishing I always thought I was pretty organized.  And I just reorganized my studio so I have room to work on large paintings (large, for me, is 18 x 24).  Everything looked so nice and neat and organized.

Well, less than two weeks later, my studio is no longer so neat and organized.  And I guess I’m not either.  In putting together the price list for Fall Exhibition 2013 for the 1100 Watercolor Society, it suddenly dawned on me that I still hadn’t scanned my large painting for the show.  Yeah, the one I matted and framed three weeks ago in a burst of energy and, I thought, really good organization.

So now I have to take it out of the frame to take a picture of it so I’ll have the image even if the painting sells.  And then put it all back together again. What a pain!

Oh, and while I’m at it, I just noticed I can’t find another painting I want to put in the exhibit.  I know I scanned it, because I have the image.  I was sure I’d framed it … so how hard can it be to find a framed painting in my studio?!?  Of course, if I’m wrong about having framed it ….  Aargh!!!

My scans are how I keep track of what I’ve done: how many paintings, what size, what price, what subject ….  It’s how I can see where I started and how far I’ve come.  It’s how I can track my transition from representational landscapes to non-representational abstracts, and everything in-between. And the scans and the accompanying spreadsheet are what give me the feeling (illusion?) of being organized.

Fortunately, I have a week before the exhibit to really get organized.

Oh, here’s the image of the painting I can’t find.

Language Is Leaving Me

Language Is Leaving Me

Posted by ruthhurd on August 27, 2013

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