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Evolution of a Painting

Back to the rock wall I see every weekend on my way to grocery shopping at Fairway.  In fact, there are several rock walls I like:  one on route 87 just north of Riverdale, and two near Costco.   Getting my husband to slow down long enough for me to get a good look at them and then actually take a picture has been a lot of fun. But I digress.

Here again is my quick watercolor sketch of the one on the way to Fairway.

Rock Wall Study

Rock Wall Study

It’s not bad for a start, but it lacks a strong center.  None of the shapes dominate.  I probably need to move the diagonals on the left further to the left to expand the center.

So I did three smaller sketches, one of which I like.

RockWall Study 4

RockWall Study 4

I moved the diagonals over to the right side and enlarged the center.  Not bad, but I wanted to do it larger and go back to the original composition.

This is much better.  It has a strong center, the brush strokes are more varied and there is more of a feeling of depth.

Rock Wall

Rock Wall

If at first you don’t succeed … actually you often don’t succeed the first time around.  Each sketch teaches you something and eventually you get it right.

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Posted by ruthhurd on April 15, 2013

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