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Are Paintings Ever Finished?

Well, it sure didn’t take me a month to figure out that Dan needed something to pull it together.



The first thing that hits me is that the yellow background on the left doesn’t really connect with the rest of the painting.  Moving the green specks further to the right and maybe into the white area might work.  Here come the scissors and construction paper again.

I had other ideas: move the yellow blocks more into the left side;  create ‘shadows’ around the blocks to make them even stronger; completely paint over the current painting, maybe with gouache (opaque watercolor).  Of course, each of them might create other, new problems to solve.  Expanding the yellow and green specks to the right was the simplest solution.  When in doubt, try the easiest and least instrusive thing first.

Tada!  I like it.

Dan Final

Dan Final

I’m calling it Dan Final, in the hopes that it will be final.  Maybe I should hide the painting now.  That way I probably won’t think of anything else to do to it.

Posted by ruthhurd on November 14, 2011

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