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Ponderosa Pine in Pink

The Ponderosa Pines I saw in Yosemite recently were fascinating:  the branches come out from the trunk at all kind of weird angles and the bark is uniquely grooved and segmented.  They call it the puzzle pine (as in jigsaw puzzle) for a reason.

I’ve now done three watercolors of one particular ponderosa pine from Yosemite.  The first was fairly representational to get it out of my system and record what I remember seeing.

Ponderosa Pine

Ponderosa Pine

The pattern in the reddish brown bark is quite distinctive.

In the second one, I decided to zoom in in an effort to make it more abstract … which didn’t really work very well (it’s not a bad painting, just not  very abstract).  So then I did a third, and in the spirit of ‘no brown tree trunks’, I made the tree pink.  And once I decided to make the tree pink, I had to change some other things too…

Ponderosa Pine III

Ponderosa Pine III

And there you have it: a pink ponderosa pine.

Frank O’Cain (my teacher at the Art Students League) liked it, but said I should do it bigger (this painting is 13 x 17). I do have paper that is 18 x 24 … but I dunno.  I think he means even bigger than that.  I’m going to have to get some bigger brushes.

Posted by ruthhurd on October 30, 2011

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