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The Spaces Between

I know I talked about the wonderful colors in Antigua, but somehow it’s the quality of the light that has been captivating me lately.  Specifically, it’s the way the strong Caribbean sun bleaches everything out and delivers the world almost in black and white.

I took a few pictures of some trees silhouetted against the ocean by the noon-day sun. I’ve now done about five or six sketches, two small ones done with ink and watercolor to try and capture the intense contrast between light and dark, focusing on the spaces between the trees.

Spaces Sketch I

Spaces Sketch I

Spaces Sketch II

Spaces Sketch II

They are very similar, but illustrate nicely how watercolor delivers different results even when you’re trying to do roughly the same thing.

I liked the composition, so I did a much larger sketch.  Unfortunately, I really didn’t like the result, so I narrowed my focus and tried again.  And again I didn’t like the result. Two more tries later, I finally had something I liked, even though the connection to the original sketches is really tenuous.

The Space Between

The Space Between

What really fascinates me about this is how the painting morphed from something that still resembled the two photos I took in Antigua to this very abstract watercolor that doesn’t look anything like the photos.  And yet, all of them are focused on what initially interested me … the spaces between the branches of the trees.

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Posted by ruthhurd on August 23, 2011

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