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Patterns in City Snow

Given the huge amount of snow we’ve had in NYC lately, I’ve been fascinated by the discrepancy between the way our city snow looks and beautiful snow scenes on TV or in magazines.  I’m particularly interested in the patterns the dirt makes in the snow and pondering how to accomplish that in a painting.

So I think I’m into the start of a new series: City Snow.

My first abstract painting shows the occasional large clump of still white snow surrounded by  patterns of blue, gray, green and brown dirt … just two blocks from my apartment.

City Snow

City Snow

Then I wondered how it would look if I sprayed the paint instead of splattering it … again within two blocks of my apartment.  A little darker and the spray makes a much more even pattern.

City Snow II

City Snow II

While thinking and working on the first two City Snows, I started noticing the beautifully abstract patterns of the snow and cloud shadows on the rocky cliffs along the Henry Hudson Parkway.  Every Friday on our way down to Fairway and back for our weekly food shopping I’d think, “That would make a great painting.”  Finally, I made my husband slow down so I could take some pictures.

I’ve done four versions of this next painting, some more abstracted than others, but this is my favorite.

City Snow along Henry Hudson Parkway

City Snow along Henry Hudson Parkway

I think I’m on a roll.  And it’s snowing again.

Posted by ruthhurd on February 21, 2011

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