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Two First Prizes

Two of my paintings won first prize at the Eastchester Library Show recently:

Waving Leaves won First Prize for Landscape.

Waving Leaves

Waving Leaves

The judge said: “This work is remarkable for its sense of absence and presence.  The viewer is made aware of the landscape even though it is not mentioned.  The artist is seeing things in a different way that is very powerful.  This use of watercolor goes beyond the normal use of the medium.  Strong attributes of this work are the juxtaposition of flat shapes and indications of depth to make a statement that cannot be ignored in the room.”

Hens and Chickens II won First Prize for Watercolor.

Hens and Chickens II

Hens and Chickens II

The judge said:  “This work holds together well from the back of the room.  It pulls together from a distance, yet when viewed close up, it is abstract and loose — not unlike Monet’s water lilies.  This is a very competent representational exploration of color light and shade.  The artist makes good use of watercolor as a traditional medium;  good use of color;  strong focused composition.”

I am very happy with how these two paintings turned out and it’s really wonderful to be recognized in this way.  Besides,  who am I to argue with someone who puts me in the same sentence as Monet?!?

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Posted by ruthhurd on December 13, 2010

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