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Confusion in the Kitchen and the Studio

Confusion in the Kitchen is my latest painting to use deconstruction and something else.

Confusion in the Kitchen

This started as two completely separate very realistic paintings on one sheet of watercolor paper, separated by a strip of drafting tape.  The top half (now upside down) was of a metal bowl lying next to a red box in front of an electric coffee pot (plus a green apple and a couple of CD disks).  I had a new 3/4″ flat brush that I wanted to try out and it made creating the reflections in the metal much easier.

The second painting on the bottom half of the paper was done the next day with the same objects but a slightly different set up.  Just to keep things interesting I decided to make it a little more abstract, trying to utilize Frank’s push-pull.  When I was just about done a friend pointed out that some of the edges in the two different paintings lined up with each other.  She had just combined two of her paintings into one and suggested I do the same.  So I pulled off the separating tape and started connecting lines and adding diagonals, to break up the horizontal white space in the center left by the tape.  One thing led to another and I then had a completely different painting.

It didn’t quite hang together so I decided to show it to Frank.  He liked it (hooray!) and suggested that I try deconstruction.  I did and now it’s a unified painting.

After all the back and forth, up and down, and general confusion, naming the painting was easy.

Posted by ruthhurd on November 17, 2010

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