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Curly Hair

At the risk of sounding completely and utterly superficial, I have to say how much I love having curly hair (courtesy of my recent chemotherapy).

All my life I’ve had straight hair and really wanted curly hair.   Isn’t the grass always greener …? Don’t we always want what we can’t have?

Well, a permanent might have been easier, but there IS a long term benefit (other than survival) to the chemical cocktail that makes your life miserable short term :  curly hair!  In fact, one of the things that kept me going (other than survival) while I was totally miserable was the thought that I might have curly hair.

(I’m told that if you started with curly hair, it might become straight after chemo.  I never understood why someone wouldn’t just love curly hair.  Or why they would want straight hair for that matter.)

Two friends of mine who have been through this routine say that it starts out very curly and slowly relaxes and becomes merely wavy.  How great is that!?!

Anyway,  just thought I’d mention how much I’m loving this.

Categories: General
Posted by ruthhurd on July 7, 2010

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